city_of_god-indo_a4_artworkcity_of_god-indo_a4_zoomCity of god, artwork by INDO the artist

City Of God


Urban Pop culture art print for the urban rock star, beautiful colours and elegant textures that sythetically work together like clock work. This Pop street Artwork is inspired by Melbourne Street art Pop culture scene.

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Product Description

City Of God
By INDO the Artist
Print size: 420mm x 320mm
Artwork sold as Print | Unframed | Signed by Artist


This Mixed media stencil Art print was inspired by the Brazilian film called City of God,
In Melbourne, there’s an underground art scene that is slowly coming into galleries and being accepted as commercial artwork,
Graffiti, has a bad reputation, but street art is more than just urban art. Its an art movement.

There’s allot of character and pop culture refrence in this beautiful contemporary art piece, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana band members have been stenciled¬†into the lower depth of the street art piece, buildings and colour montarge depict an urban influence.

This original piece was created by INDO in 2008, original size was 1600mm x 1000mm,  sold for $5,500 to a private collector in 2009


Additional Information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 42 x 32 x 1 cm


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