patrick_indo_notoriousNotorious B.I.G

Notorious B.I.G


This original Artwork of Notorious B.I.G – who was one of the Best Rappers in the american Hip Hop Scene, is one for all collectors and lovers of art.  This beautiful artwork pays tribute to this raw and truly gifted African American Artist.

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Product Description

The artwork is 1200mm x 1200mm | Acrylic painted  on Plywood Board. Metal wire hold the artwork.

Notorious B.I.G | Christopher George Latore Wallace was one of the most infulential Hip Hop Rap artists, his connections with infamous rapper Puff Daddy, helped rock Biggy’s career into full flight of stardom, Radio play, record & album contracts all in such a short amount of time.

INDO the artist was inspired by BIGGYS story, and having grown up listening to his music, it was only a matter of time.
The artist has created the artwork to be grungy, street, and Popart.


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